Which Is Best for Me: Glasses Or Contacts?

Do you need new eye wear? Start by making an eye appointment in Pittsburgh,PA. Seeing the eye doctor in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area is the first step to getting your new glasses or contacts. If you’re having a hard time deciding which is best between the two options, here’s what you need to know.

Glasses Benefits

Glasses are usually the default eye wear option for anyone who has just realized they need corrective lenses. Glasses have the benefit of being easy to put on and take off: there’s no challenge in wearing glasses, and no tutorial required.

Although they do change the appearance of your face, contacts provide an opportunity to add style to your personal look. You can choose glasses in whatever color or shape you like. Some other benefits of glasses include:

  • Don’t need to be replaced as often. Glasses do not need to be replaced as often as contacts, which saves time and money for the wearer.
  • Easy to clean. Glasses are easy to clean with a wipe from a microfiber cloth.
  • Reduced risk of infection. Glasses do not require you to touch your eye in order to wear them, which reduces risk of infection.

Contacts Benefits

Contacts can be invisible on your face, so they’re much subtler than glasses. People who don’t like the look of glasses often prefer contacts for themselves. Other benefits of contacts include:

  • Won’t affect your field of vision. You’ll never see the edges of your contacts the way you can see the edges of glasses.
  • Can change the color of your eyes. Contacts can change your eye color to whatever color you prefer.
  • Unaffected by weather. You’ll never have to worry about your contacts fogging up, like glasses do.

Making Your Decision

Want contacts or eye glasses in Pittsburgh? Contact Lappen Eye Care to make an appointment and get started ordering your corrective lenses of choice.

4 Tips to Pick Your First Eyewear

Your eye doctor in the Pittsburgh area has just prescribed you corrective lenses. What now? In this article, we’ll go over the steps to choosing your first eyewear, so you’ll be prepared for what comes next.

1. Visit an Eye Doctor With Many Options

The more glasses in the showroom, the easier it is to find the best pair for your eyes. At Lappen Eye Care, we have a fully stocked showroom with eyeglasses options from brands like Dior, Kate Spade, Hugo Boss, Fossil and more. We carry glasses in a range of prices and in many colors. We’re happy to help you find the right pair for your eyes!

2. Work With the Clerk

Finding the pair of glasses that actually fits your face can be surprisingly difficult. Visit an eye doctor with clerks on staff who can help you choose a pair of glasses that fits your face properly. The professionals at Lappen Eye Care are happy to help. Visit our showroom between during our convenient business hours to get help choosing the right pair.

3. Decide Plastic or Wire?

Plastic glasses come in bold colors, but they can also be heavier than wire rimmed glasses. Meanwhile, wire rimmed glasses are lighter, but also subtler.

Try on a variety of glasses made from different materials to help you decide which one you like best. Plastic glasses tend to be heavier than wire rim, and also less bendable. Wire rim glasses tend to be more forgiving when stepped on, and lighter. Take these factors into consideration when trying to decide which one is right for you.

4. Bring Someone for Feedback

Bring a friend to the eye doctor when you’re choosing your glasses in Pittsburgh, PA. At Lappen Eye Care, we welcome anyone who would like to come to our showroom to see our selection of attractive glasses.

Afraid of Losing Your Glasses? What You Can Do

Your eyeglasses are too valuable to lose! Some people struggle to keep track of their glasses, but there are many things you can do to keep your glasses where you can find them. If you’ve just purchased eyeglasses in Pittsburgh area, then these tips can help you keep your glasses where you can find them.

Create a Place Where Your Glasses “Live”

If you always put your glasses in different places when you take your glasses off, this will make them harder to locate when you’re not wearing them. Put your glasses in the same one or two places every time you take them off. Knowing where you always put your glasses will help you find them later.

Buy a Brightly Colored Case

Glasses tend to blend into the background easily, especially when your glasses have thin wire rims. If you take off your glasses and set them down on a table or countertop, they might be hard to see. You can fix this problem by putting your glasses inside something large and brightly colored.

When you remove your glasses, put them in a large, vibrant case. This will make it easier for your glasses to stand out in the room where you set them down.

Wear Your Glasses As Often As Possible

Some people take off their glasses whenever they’re not using them, but the easiest way to avoid losing your glasses is to keep them on your face. Get in the habit of wearing your glasses as long as you’re awake.

Need a spare pair of eyeglasses? Need new glasses? Call your eye doctor in the Pittsburgh area. At Lappen Eye Care, we provide eye exams and offer a range of stylish eyeglasses. Call today to learn more.

Should I Get Wire Rim Glasses or Plastic Glasses?

When the time comes to purchase glasses, you’ll be faced with a decision: should I select wire-rimmed glasses, or plastic glasses? The decision can be a tough one! There are many differences between these two types of glasses. Knowing those differences can help you make a smart decision when the time comes. Your eye doctor in the Pittsburgh area can help as well.

What to Know About Wire Rim Glasses

Compared to plastic glasses, wire rim glasses are lightweight and subtle. They often come in neutral colors like muted gold, brown and black. For an adult who wants to achieve a professional look from their glasses, wire rims are often the preferred style. Because wire rims are often lightweight, they’re sometimes easier to adjust to than plastic glasses.

What to Know About Plastic Glasses

Plastic glasses are often available in bold, vibrant colors, and have thicker, more obvious frames than wire rim glasses. Plastic glasses may not feel heavier than wire rim glasses when you’re holding them in your hand, but they can feel heavier when you’re wearing them. The period of adjustment to these glasses can take a few days.

How to Decide

When you’re shopping for glasses, look for a style that fits your personality and preferred aesthetic. Which colors do you wear the most? Do you want your glasses to stand out, or fall into the background?

Work with an associate at the eye doctor to find glasses that fit your preferred look and also your face. Glasses come in different sizes, and it’s important to find glasses that will be comfortable for years to come.

Need eyeglasses in the Pittsburgh area? Call Lappen Eye Care to make an appointment. We can provide you with an eye exam and help you choose a stylish pair of glasses.

Lappen Eye Care – Should I Get Bifocals or Reading Glasses?

When it comes to getting eyeglasses, things can be complicated. If you have a certain kind of vision problem, you may have very different correction needs for distance vision versus mid-point or near vision. And depending upon your age, you may have a choice ahead of you between bifocals and reading glasses. So, which one is better, you may ask your eye doctor in Greensburg, PA. Well, there are pros and cons to each:

Pros and Cons of Bifocals

Pro: Bifocals provide both near and far viewing in one convenient set of eyeglasses Greensburg, PA.

Con: Bifocals take time to get used to, since you have to look out of different areas of the lenses to achieve clear distance or near vision.

Pro: Bifocals are now available in a seamless version, which prevents others knowing you are wearing bifocals.

Con: Depending on your near, mid and distance vision needs, it can be challenging to find a good bifocal fit.

Pros and Cons of Reading Glasses

Pro: Reading glasses can be precision-made to fit your exact near vision needs, whether it’s for work, hobby activities, reading, etc.

Con: Since reading glasses are separate, it’s harder to ensure they are handy when you actually need to use them. For this reason, many people keep several reading glasses located around the home or office.

Pro: Reading glasses are now available in trendy and stylish designs, making them a more attractive option even for younger individuals

Con: It can get old very fast to have to remove regular eyeglasses and switch to reading glasses every time you need to see something in close proximity.

Talk to your eye doctor in Greensburg, PA about which option might be best for you between reading glasses and bifocals. Since every situation is different, you and your eye doctor will be able to come up with the best solution.

2 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Eye Glasses for You

The eye glasses you choose can have a big impact on your personal appearance and personal comfort. The eye glasses you choose can also affect your confidence. To select the best eye glasses for your needs, it’s important to work with an eye doctor in Pittsburgh that stocks quality eye glasses in a range of styles and colors. It’s also helpful to know what factors to consider when trying to choose your glasses. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Comfort

Choose glasses that feel comfortable on your face, but remember that glasses can be bent (within reason) to fit the contours of your face. Wire-rim glasses tend to be lighter than plastic glasses, so you’re less likely to notice their presence on your face once you get used to wearing them.

It’s important to choose glasses that fit your face, because the size of the glasses can’t be changed. If your glasses are too small or too large, they may become uncomfortable. The representative at the eye doctor can help you find glasses that fit you, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need glasses that fit.

2. Appearance

Appearance is another important factor to consider when you’re trying to find the right glasses for you. Wire-rimmed glasses tend to be understated, while plastic glasses come in bold colors and often have thicker frames. As you’re trying on glasses, ask yourself whether the glasses you’re wearing achieve the look that fits your personality.

Need Eyeglasses? Contact Lappen Eye Care

If you’re in need of eye glasses in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area, contact Lappen Eye Care. We stock a range of eye glasses in our stores, including plastic and wire rimmed. Call today to learn more.