3 Signs Your Eyeglasses Don’t Fit

If youreyeglasses in Pittsburgh, PA, are constantly slipping off of your face, you don’t have to wonder whether they don’t fit. However, there are subtler signs that your eyeglasses either need to be adjusted or simply aren’t a good match for your face. We’ll look at a few reasons you might need to stop by your optometrist’s office or optics provider.

If your glasses don’t fit, it can misplace the optical center of the lenses. If you cannot see through the right part of your lenses, you may find yourself straining to make out everything from letters to shapes in the distance. You may also experience headaches due to all the squinting.

Crooked Frames
Crooked frames are a sign that the fit is off, likely because the frames were bent or otherwise warped in some way. Frames should sit even and level on your face. You can always check your reflection if your friends or family haven’t mentioned that your eyeglasses are crooked.

Nose Pad Marks
You might be surprised at just how many people have tight glasses without realizing it. This is because you can become used to practically any sensation during the day, particularly if it’s not urgent pressure. Of course, your face won’t lie, so if you have bright red marks from the nose pads, your glasses are too tight. You may also get headaches if the pressure around your temples builds up.

See an Optometrist in Pittsburgh, PA
A reputableoptometrist in Pittsburgh, PA, will look at more than just the fit of the frames. When the goal is to see better, they’ll recommend a pair of eyewear that will sit level and stay level so you always know what you’re looking at. At Lappen Eye Care, we’ll help you find the right pair for you.

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