Keep your visual health in check by monitoring for visual impairment and eye health threats. Our individualized approach means the best preventative care.


In addition to helping, you maintain your best vision, regular eye exams are a valuable tool for medical eye care and in the early detection of many chronic systemic diseases.


Contact lenses give you an inconspicuous way to see the world clearly. Allow our team to make sure you get the best contact lenses to give you clear sight.


This is an old-fashioned small business that knows how to treat customers right. And they really know what they’re doing. While I was there I saw many people come in needing various things. All of them left happy.

Ray K.
Ray K.

Excellent service and atmosphere. I had a unique situation that required custom cut lenses. They were incredibly patient knowledgeable and creative in their solution oriented approach. I really appreciate their help and service. I’ll be back for sure. Thanks!

Avi D.
Avi D.

Dr Lappen give the best eye exam i have EVER in my life he explains EVERYTHING….

Mark G.
Mark G.

Had a great experience. Maxine was kind and helped me find a nice pair of frames. The entire team goes above and beyond. Definitely stop in if your looks for some killer glasses for a killer price.

Gregory H.
Gregory H.

They are GREAT! They know their business and they work for you. Come out feeling and looking good and I have New Friends. Would never go anywhere else.

Robin T.
Robin T.

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    The experienced optometrists at Lappen Eye Care offer comprehensive eye exams to provide the best vision correction and health screening.


    The doctors at Lappen Eye Care are experts in the therapeutic treatment of eye diseases and disorders such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes and cataracts.


    When selecting new glasses, know that you have hundreds of choices for your new eyeglasses/frames. After you’ve completed an eye exam with our staff and received your prescription, it’s time to choose your eyeglasses/frames.


    Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness, but proactive treatment may help. Our office can help with early screening and interventional glaucoma treatment.


    The decision between wearing glasses or opting for contact lenses is a highly personal one that depends on the needs and preferences of the individual optometry patient. Our staff will give you all the information so you can make your decision.


    In addition to the routine and long-term eye disease management we provide, we are able to diagnose and treat most eye emergencies and provide urgent eye care on a walk-in basis with little to no wait.


    Cataracts are the result of protein collecting in the clear lens of the eye and causing your vision to cloud. We offer cataract surgery to restore your clearer vision.


    Diabetic retinopathy is the most common cause of vision loss for people with diabetes. If you are a diabetic and feel eye discomfort, come in today for a comprehensive evaluation.

Experience a higher standard of Eyecare

Welcome to Lappen Eye Care

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to Lappen Eye Care, your first choice for all of your eye care needs in the Pittsburgh area. Our locally owned optometry practice and optical boutique combines the unparalleled skills of our eye doctors with a large selection of distinctive eyewear and sunglasses. Trust your family’s eye care needs to our dedicated team and take advantage of our state of the art diagnostic tools and technology. We have the experience to treat a wide range of eye issues and the ability to keep you seeing clearly for many years to come.