Can You Get an Astigmatism from Pressing Your Fingers Against Your Eyes?

Can You Get an Astigmatism from Pressing Your Fingers Against Your Eyes?

Astigmatism is caused by the wrong type of curve in the cornea. Known as a refractive error, up to one in three people in America have this condition, which can affect people of every age. If you’re wondering how you get the condition, we’ll look at how it works and the most common reasons for it.

Can You Cause an Astigmatism By Rubbing Your Eyes?

Yes. Because the pressure can change the shape of the eye, you may be able to cause astigmatism in Pittsburgh, PA, from frequent rubbing or wiping of the eyes.

What to Know About Astigmatisms 

Here are a few facts of note about astigmatisms:

  • Your cornea is supposed to be shaped more like a softball than a football. When it starts to look like a pigskin, it causes the light rays to change on the retina. This results in blurry vision.
  • An astigmatism can also occur to the eye’s lens if it has an irregular shape. Called lenticular astigmatism, the condition has the same results as standard astigmatism. It should be noted that an affected lens is far less common than an affected cornea.
  • You’re more likely to be diagnosed with astigmatism if you have far- or nearsightedness. (Also, sitting too close to the TV has nothing to do with astigmatism!)

Schedule an Evaluation with an Optometrist 

In some cases, particularly with infants, astigmatism will clear up independently. However, for most people, it’s a more permanent problem. If you’re experiencing changes in your vision, schedule an appointment with aneye doctor in Pittsburgh, PA, today. At Lappen Eye Care, with locations in Pittsburgh, Greensburg, and McMurray, we can tell you if you have an astigmatism and what likely caused it.

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