How Can I Tell If My Glasses Prescription Needs to Be Updated?

Do you have old prescription glasses? It may be time to get new ones. Knowing the signs that your prescription glasses are getting old and need replacement can help you decide when it’s time to go in and see the eye doctor in the Pittsburgh area. Here’s what you should know when it’s time to get new glasses.

Signs You Need New Prescription Glasses

If your prescription glasses aren’t doing the job anymore, you’ll have problems such as:

  • Squinting to see properly, even when wearing your glasses
  • Headaches from eye strain
  • Objects you would normally be able to see clearly now look blurry

You may also need new prescription lenses if your old glasses are getting too scratched. This can become a problem if you’ve had your glasses for a long time, especially if you don’t use a glasses case to protect your lenses.

Some people choose to get new glasses every year, even if the lenses aren’t scratched and the prescription is still valid. Fashions change, and getting a new pair of glasses can be good for your confidence.

What to Do If You Need New Glasses

If you need new glasses, the first step is to see an eye doctor. Your eye doctor will examine your eyes to determine how your prescription has changed. Once you have a new prescription, you can look through your eye doctor’s selection of frames to choose the right pair for you.

If you want glasses in the Pittsburgh area, work with your eye doctor at Lappen Eye Care to get an appointment. Call today to get started with an updated prescription and new lenses.

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