Are Colored Contacts Safe?

Colored contact lenses have a reputation for being unsafe, but is it true? The answer is: it depends. Some colored contact lenses are safe and others aren’t. Here’s what you need to know if you want to wear colored contact lenses in the Pittsburgh area.

Properly Prescribed Colored Contacts are Safe

Colored contacts are safe to wear if they’ve been prescribed by an eye doctor who has examined your eyes and determined the right prescription for you. Eye doctors know how to order contacts that are right for their patients. They also order quality lenses from respected brands that are known to be safe.

Costume Contact Lenses (Non-Prescription Lenses) Are NOT Safe

Contact lenses that were not prescribed by an eye doctor are not safe to wear. Wearing these contacts can lead to bacterial infection and may even cause permanent damage to your eyes. Some companies sell colored contact lenses as “costume contacts.” These companies are selling contacts illegally. Don’t buy them.

Do You Want Contact Lenses?

If you’d like to get colored contact lenses, get an eye exam from a licensed eye care professional. The eye doctor will examine and measure your eyes, write a prescription and order contacts that are made for you. Once the lenses arrive, your eye doctor will ensure the contacts are right in a fitting, and give you instructions for proper contact lens care.

Get Started With Your Contact Lens Prescription

You can have colored contact lenses, but the only safe way to obtain them is to see a professional. Call your eye doctor in the Pittsburgh area to make an appointment. The professionals at Lappen Eye Care can help you safely obtain colored contact lenses.

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