Do Ultra-Processed Foods Cause Glaucoma?

There was a recent study performed that showed a potential link between ultra-processed foods and glaucoma, which may lead people to ask if a diet rich in these foods could cause the condition. We’ll look at the facts of the case, and why it’s important to watch what you eat if you want to protect your eyes. 

Blood Glucose Levels 

The study saw that the association between glaucoma and ultra-processed foods was notable in both men and older adults. The hypothesis from researchers was that ultra-processed foods increase blood glucose levels, which could lead to this notorious nerve disorder. The study pointed out sweet foods as a particular culprit. 

Lifestyle and Glaucoma 

Glaucoma in Pittsburgh, PA, is a particularly tricky disease. It’s hard to know who will develop it and how badly it will manifest in the individual. There are also no guarantees when it comes to prevention. Unfortunately, some people can lead perfectly healthy lives and still end up with fluid issues and subsequent nerve damage. 

Regardless of these uncertainties, there have been enough studies done to draw a link between unhealthy lifestyle choices and glaucoma. Cutting back on processed foods, getting more sleep, and getting more exercise can all have a huge impact on your overall well-being and may reduce your odds of developing glaucoma. 

Glaucoma in Pittsburgh, PA 

If you’re looking for an optometrist in Pittsburgh, PA, with enough experience to treat your ever-changing eyes, it’s important to look for a staff with the best reputation. At Lappen Eye Care, with locations in Pittsburgh, McMurray, and Greensburg, our practice is built to help your vision thrive. Whether you could stand to make a few changes to your diet or not, we’re here to help you keep your eyes as healthy as possible.

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