Do Cataracts Change Your Eye Color?

Cataracts are a type of lens disorder, one that affects how you perceive light and objects surrounding you. While the lens has nothing to do with the iris, it is possible for cataracts to change how your eyes look. We’ll take a deeper diver into why this is, and what can be done to slow or stop the progression.

What Are Cataracts?

A cataract in Pittsburgh, PA refers to the clouding of the lens of the eye. This typically occurs in older people, but can happen to younger children and middle-aged adults too. You can think of cataracts like you might a piece of blank, white paper. It starts off as pristine, but if it’s left out in the sunlight or even if it’s kept in artificial light, it will start to yellow or fade over time.

Do Cataracts Change Your Eye Color?

On their own, cataracts don’t change your eye color. However, depending on the person, the protein breakdown in the lens can cause yellowing, which can affect how the light passes to the iris. So, you may find that your eyes look duller or faded. In extreme cases, cataracts change the color of your pupil from black to white.

Cataracts in Pittsburgh, PA 

Cataracts are an extremely common disorder, which is actually good news for patients who want treatment options. From eyewear to surgery, the righteye doctor in Pittsburgh, PA can both monitor the progression of your cataracts and provide you with the advice you need to make smarter decisions about your optical health.

At Lappen Eye Care, with locations in Pittsburgh, Greensbug, and McMurray, our staff is here to intervene before your cataracts have the chance to impact your quality of life.

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