3 Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor At the Next Visit

If you have glasses or an eye condition, then you likely see the eye doctor every one or two years. Your eye appointments are a chance to ask your eye doctor questions that can keep you informed about your eye health. Before you go to your next eye exam in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area, give some thought to the types of questions that you might like to ask your eye doctor. Below are three examples of questions that could help you understand your eye health.
1. Will My Eye Condition or Prescription Change Over Time?
Prescriptions and eye conditions change over time. If you have an eye condition that may worsen, it’s helpful to know what changes in eyesight or eye health you can anticipate, so you can be on the lookout for symptoms and signs that it’s time to go back to the eye doctor.
2. What Lifestyle Changes Can I Make to Promote Good Eye Health?
Some habits, like smoking and drinking, can contribute to poor eye health over time. Your eye doctor can coach you on the changes that you can make to ensure good eye health with time.
3. When Should I Come Back for My Next Visit?
Some people need to see the eye doctor every year, some come back every two years – or even less often. Have a conversation with your eye doctor to find out when you should return to the eye doctor’s office for your next checkup.
Is it time to make an appointment with your eye doctor in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area? Contact Lappen Eye Care to get your next appointment on the schedule.

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