4 Ways To Help Your Little One Keep Track of Their New Glasses

Kids can have a hard time keeping their new glasses safe. If your child just got their first pair of glasses, it will be up to you to teach your child not to lose their glasses. As your eye doctor in the Pittsburgh area, we have suggestions that can help.

1. Establish Good Glasses Habits Early

Have your little one wear their glasses every day. Establishing these good glasses habits early can help your little one get used to wearing their glasses, so they’ll be more likely to keep their glasses on their face, and less likely to leave their glasses someplace where they might get lost. If you see your child walking around without their glasses, have them put the glasses on.

2. Let Your Child Choose Their Glasses

Get your child invested in their glasses by allowing them to choose the glasses from the eye doctor. If you’re not comfortable allowing your child to pick some of the frames at the eye doctor, pick out a few frames that you would be alright with your child selecting, and then allow them to pick from that selection.

3. Make Sure They Fit Right

If your child’s glasses keep falling off or slipping down, they may need to be fitted better to your child’s face. Bring them to the eye doctor’s for a fitting. Glasses that fit properly are less likely to get lost.

4. Make Your Child Use Their Case

When your child gets their first pair of eye glasses in the Pittsburgh area, they should get a case to go with their glasses. Teach your child that when their glasses are not on their face, they should be in the case. Do you have questions about ways to help your little one keep their glasses safe? Call us at Lappen Eye Care. If you think your child needs new glasses, make an appointment today.

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