Myths and Facts about Blue Light and Your Eyes

Myths and Facts about Blue Light and Your Eyes

Are your eyes bothering you? If so, you should see an optometrist in Pittsburgh, PA, to see if there are any underlying issues. It could be dry eyes, allergies, or blue light from your digital devices. There are plenty of myths about blue light from digital devices, so keep reading to learn more!

Myth: Blue Light from Digital Devices Is Always Harmful to Your Eyes

Fact: Continual exposure to blue light over long periods of time could possibly result in damage to your retinal cells, causing vision problems such as age-related macular degeneration. However, there is nothing conclusive that shows blue light from digital devices is always harmful to your eyes.

Myth: Blue Light from Digital Screens Causes Permanent Eye Damage

Fact: Blue light does have the potential to cause eye strain, but that strain alone won’t cause any permanent damage to your eyes. However, high-intensity blue light from any source could potentially be hazardous to your eyes. But there isn’t any official scientific evidence at this time that indicates blue light from a digital device causes permanent eye damage.

Myth: Blue Light Screen Filters Protect You from All Eye Issues?

Fact: Blue light screen filters and blue light-blocking glasses won’t protect your eyes from all eye issues. However, they can help reduce eye strain while helping to keep your circadian rhythm balanced. Schedule an eye exam in Pittsburgh, PA, to see if you are a candidate for blue light-blocking glasses.

Do You Need an Optometrist in Pittsburgh, PA?

If you need an optometrist in Pittsburgh, PA, please Contact Lappen Eye Care today. We have a local optometry practice and optical boutique with highly skilled eye doctors and a large selection of eyewear and sunglasses. And we only use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and technology to ensure you receive the best eye care available.

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