Do Most Eye Doctors Offer Emergency Services?

When medical emergencies can occur at any point and time, it’s not always easy to know where to go. Urgent care, the emergency room, your primary doctor: knowing who to call when time is of the essence can seem like a much more difficult question when you’re under so much pressure. If you’re wondering if most eye doctors offer emergency eye services in Greensburg, PA, we’ll look at what you can expect.

Emergency Eye Services
Not all eye doctors will be able to provide emergency eye services to their patients, even if they may be able to squeeze you in at times without an appointment. This is usually because they don’t have the staff to keep up with their clientele or because they may not have the demand for it. This can be a problem, though, for anyone experiencing a sudden loss of vision, pain in their eyes, disturbing eye flashes, or extreme double vision.

If there’s a time-sensitive emergency, an ER doctor or an urgent care facility may not know how to do anything more than treat the worst of the symptoms. Unfortunately, this may or may not solve the bigger problem. If you really want to ensure the best possible care for your eyes, it’s important to see someone who specializes in these matters. The best part is that most medical insurance policies will cover this under their plan.

Emergency Eye Doctors in Greensburg
At Lappen Eye Care, with locations in Greensburg, Pittsburgh, South Hills, and McMurray, PA, our eye doctors offer emergency services to patients who want to address their medical conditions immediately. Whether your child has something stuck in their eye or your cornea is scratched, it’s important to see an eye doctor in Greenburg, PA, who can get to work immediately.

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