2 Types of Eye Emergencies

Are you have an eye emergency? Do you need to see the eye doctor in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area? Do you know when it’s an eye emergency? Knowing when to get help for an eye injury is important. Below, we’ve discussed two common types of eye injuries and emergencies, so you’ll know when to see an eye doctor.

1. Scratch on the Eye

A scratch on the eye can be painful and problematic, depending on how badly the eye is scratched. If you have a scratch on your eye, get a clean cold compress and rest it gently on the eye, but don’t apply pressure. This will help reduce swelling, and if there is bleeding, this will help stop that.

If the blood is pooling in the eye, cover both eyes with a sterile dressing and get help from an eye doctor as soon as possible.

2. Foreign Object in the Eye

It’s not uncommon to get a foreign object in the eye. Dust and sand in particular can easily become lodged in the eye. To get the foreign object out of your eye, start by flushing the eye with cool, clean water. Wash her hands before doing this. If flushing the eye doesn’t work, get help from an eye doctor. You should also seek help from a doctor if you have persistent pain, redness or sensitivity to light.

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Temporary Causes of Blindness and Blind Spots

When most people think of visiting an emergency eye doctor in Pittsburgh, PA, they think of things like traumatic wounds to the eye. However, a vision health emergency can actually be less obvious. This is the case when it comes to sudden changes in visual capabilities. From blind spots to temporary instances of blindness, any major vision changes should be treated as an emergency. Take a look at a few causes of temporary blindness and blind spots.

Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches have the ability to cause changes in your vision. Many migraine sufferers report having light sensitivity, but some people can also experience temporary changes in visual capabilities. An ocular migraine, which affects the retina, can cause short-term vision loss.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most common causes of temporary blindness. A spike in blood pressure affects the blood vessels that feed oxygenated blood to the retina and other parts of the eye. If this blood supply is disrupted, you may see spots in your vision or even temporary blindness in the most severe cases.

Acute Angle-Closure Glaucoma

When fluid in the eye is not capable of flowing as it should, it causes a buildup of pressure. This condition is what is medically referred to as acute angle-closure glaucoma. If the pressure within the eye is not treated immediately, you could be facing permanent vision loss. Signs of acute angle-closure glaucoma include blurred vision, halos around lights, and eye pain.

Talk to a Pittsburgh, PA Eye Doctor About Vision Concerns

Any major changes in your vision are a sign that something is wrong, and a Pittsburgh, PA eye doctor needs to take a look. Have you experienced blind spots or changes in your vision? Reach out to Lappen Eye Care to schedule an appointment.

3 Situations That Should Spur Emergency Eye Care

Unsure of whether you should visit an emergency eye doctor in Pittsburgh, PA? Certain situations should spur you to make the call to ensure your visual health is protected. Take a look at a few situations that require emergency eye care.

1. Scratched Eye

One of the most common eye health emergencies, a scratched cornea can seem like no major deal. While your eye may burn and water after the corneal lens has been scratched, most people assume the issue will simply heal. However, scratches on the surface of the eye leave you prone to serious infections. Further, the potential scarring from a deep scratch can lead to long-term problems with your vision.

2. Swollen or Inflamed Eyes

Swollen or inflamed eyes can point to a series of visual health problems. If the eyelid is swollen, this may be a sign of blepharitis, chalazion, or something else. If the eye itself is swollen or inflamed, this could be anything from conjunctivitis (pink eye) to injury to the eye. All of these issues should be assessed by an optometrist.

3. Sudden Changes in Vision

Drastic changes in your vision that come about without a known cause should always be treated as eye health emergencies. Several things can be taking place within the eye or within your body that are detrimentally affecting your vision. For example, sudden changes in vision can be related to high blood pressure, but may also be a sign of high eye pressure affecting the retinal nerve.

Get Urgent Eye Care in Pittsburgh, PA

Just as an emergency situation with your body requires immediate attention, an emergency situation with your eyes requires the help of a Pittsburgh, PA eye doctor. Reach out to us at Lappen Eye Care to get immediate assistance if you believe you are dealing with an eye health emergency.