Can Your Eyes Get Sunburned?

If you spend any amount of time in the sun, you shouldn’t neglect protecting your eyes. It’s important to talk with your optometrist in Greensburg, PA, about how the sun can damage your eyes. Did you know your eyes could get sunburned? They can! Keep reading to learn more.

Can Your Eyes Get Sunburned?
Most people don’t realize their eyes can get sunburned. This is a condition called photokeratitis. Sunburned eyes are extremely painful and generally require urgent medical care. But fortunately, photokeratitis doesn’t usually lead to permanent blindness.

How Do You Know if Your Eyes Are Sunburned?
You will know if you have sunburned eyes if you have the following symptoms.

Severe eye pain after being in the sun.
Red eyes.
Gritty feeling eyes.
Swelling in your eyes.
Blurred vision.
Watery eyes.
Sensitivity to bright light.
Twitching eyelids.
You see halos.
How Do You Treat Sunburned Eyes?
If you have sunburned eyes, you will need to schedule an eye doctor exam in Greensburg, PA, immediately for a diagnosis and treatment. But while you are waiting for your eye doctor’s appointment, you can do the following to treat your sunburned eyes.

Take a cold, wet cloth compress and put it over your closed eyes. This will help reduce any eye pain and swelling you might have. You can also get some artificial tears eyedrops to lubricate your eyes. This will help ease the gritty feeling that comes from sunburned eyes. Additionally, you can take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen. This will help reduce much of the eye irritation and inflammation that accompanies sunburned eyes.

Do You Need an Optometrist in Greenburg, PA?
If you need an optometrist in Greenburg, PA, please Contact Lappen Eye Care today. We offer a comfortable, relaxing environment where we treat everyone like family. And we have state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure you get the best dental care possible.

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