Contact Lens Care 101: Best Practices for Comfort and Hygiene

For many patients,contact lenses in Pittsburgh, PA, are one of the most desirable paths to better vision. However, if you are a contact lens wearer, taking good care of your lenses must become a stationary part of your everyday routine. Take a look at these best practices for comfort and hygiene below.

1. Only install clean contact lenses
Always make sure contact lenses have been properly cleaned with an approved contact lens cleaning solution before installing them. Small particles, most of which are impossible to see with the naked eye, like bacteria, can linger on the lens and cause the risk of infection.

2. Remove contacts before swimming and bathing
Make it a habit to take out your lenses before showering, bathing, or swimming. Splashes of water can contain bacteria that can get trapped behind the lenses.

3. Keep your hands clean when removing and installing lenses
Just as you need to have clean lenses, you also need clean hands. Bacteria can transfer from the fingers to the clean lens during installation. So, before touching the cleaned lenses, be sure to wash your hands well with an antibacterial soap.

4. Replace contact lenses as recommended
Contact lenses will need to be replaced at different intervals depending on the type. For example, some lenses are only meant to be worn for one day and then replaced, while others may be wearable for a few days as long as they are properly cleaned between wears.

Discuss Proper Contact Lens Hygiene with a Pittsburgh Optometrist
Contact lenses can bring a few added steps to your daily routine. However, when you follow the recommendations of aPittsburgh dentist, these optic solutions can make a dramatic difference in everyday life. Reach out to the team at Lappen Eye Care with questions.

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