3 Things to Do Today to Lower Your Risk of Glaucoma

When you initially seek glaucoma management in Greensburg, PA, one of the first things the eye doctor will discuss with you is lifestyle changes to make to lower the risk of the disease getting worse. However, if you are already at risk of glaucoma, you can be proactive by making changes that may lower your risks.

Embrace a Healthy Diet: Nutrition’s Role in Eye Health
Nutrition and eye health are closely related, and your overall nutritional intake can affect the likelihood of developing glaucoma. Therefore, make sure you follow a solid nutritional health plan that includes the vitamins and minerals your eyes need to stay healthy.

Increase Physical Activity: Exercise Your Way to Lower Eye Pressure
Exercise is extremely important for overall physical health and for lowering the risk of glaucoma. It enhances blood flow, which in turn can lower the pressure in the eyes.

Prioritize Regular Eye Check-ups: The Key to Early Detection
The sooner signs of glaucoma or heightened ocular pressure are detected, the less likely glaucoma will adversely affect your vision. Be proactive about visiting an eye doctor routinely for a comprehensive eye exam. The doctor will conduct an eye pressure test to determine whether your risks are growing and offer interventional treatment strategies that could help.

Discuss Glaucoma with a Greensburg Eye Doctor
If you are concerned about your risks of glaucoma, be sure to reach out to an eye doctor in Greensburg, PA for advice. Contact the team at Lappen Eye Care to schedule an appointment.

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