Can I Wear Contacts If I’ve Sustained Corneal Trauma?

Corneal trauma is more common than people might realize. Trauma is an everyday occurrence caused by scratches, which can happen from an errant eyelash to chemical contact. So if you’re asking if you can still wear contacts if you’ve sustained trauma, you’re certainly not alone. We’ll examine how new products have opened the doors for people with even serious traumatic tales.

The Long and Short
Whether you can wear contacts depends on your particular circumstances. However, the general advice is that you can wear contacts as long as you wait for the cornea to heal entirely and get the sign-off from your optometrist.

Specialty Contact Lenses
Contact lenses in McMurray, PA, pose problems for many people. Sometimes the sheer act of trying to fit one in your eye can be frustrating enough to rely on your glasses for the rest of your life. The good news is that success with contact lenses is typically possible if you’re willing to commit to finding the right ones for you.

Contact lenses today, which can include rigid gas permeable lenses, scleral lenses, toric lenses, multifocal, and hybrids, provide options for people with a wide range of visual conditions. So if you’ve been told that trauma has changed the shape of the cornea too much for contacts, you may want to give them another try.

Specialty Contacts in McMurray, PA
The best contact lenses for you depend on what you’re comfortable wearing and which products will best correct your vision. Talking to a professional can help you get more information, including which contacts have the shortest adjustment periods. If you’re looking for an eye doctor in McMurray, PA, with experience in corneal trauma, contact Lappen Eye Care today to make an appointment.

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