When Should My Little One See the Eye Doctor?

Has your little one ever gone to the eye doctor in Pittsburgh? If not, they should! It’s important for children to see the eye doctor regularly. Catching vision problems at a young age can help your child meet developmental and academic milestones. In this article, we’ll talk about how often and when your child should see the eye doctor. Here’s what to know.

Eye Exam Schedule for Babies and Toddlers

Children should get an eye exam in Pittsburgh once before they’re 3 years old, and again between the age of 3 and 5. Once your child is school-aged, they should see the eye doctor annually.

It’s very important to catch vision problems as soon as possible, because vision problems can impact your child’s performance in school. Children who have a hard time seeing in school may struggle or lose interest in their lessons, which can impact them for years to come.

Know the Signs of a Problem

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when a child has a vision problem. Knowing the signs that your child is having a vision problem can help you decide when it’s time for your child to see the eye doctor. Here’s what to look for:

  • Squints when looking at certain objects
  • Sits close to the television or the white board at school
  • Struggles to read or stay engaged while reading
  • Often loses their place while reading

Benefits of Seeing the Eye Doctor

Seeing the eye doctor can help your child get the services they need to help them succeed in school and later in life. To find out more about how an exam can help your child, call Lappen Eye Care.

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