What’s Causing My Eyes to Itch?

Do your eyes itch seasonally or throughout the year? Understanding the cause of the itching and what you can do to alleviate it can help you stay comfortable. Your eye doctor in the Pittsburgh area can help.


What Causes Itchy Eyes?

Although many things can cause eyes to itch, the most common cause is allergies. Allergy to pollen affects many people at specific times of the year. Pet dander is another allergy that can cause eyes to become itchy.

Some people are allergic to lotions or makeup. Irritants in the environment like smoke and dust can cause eyes to become itchy. Some people even get itchy eyes because of their contact lens solution.


How to Find The Cause

While you may be able to identify the cause of your itchy eyes through trial and error, an allergist can help as well. Allergists perform tests to find out what patients are allergic to, so they can take steps to protect themselves.


How to Alleviate the Itching

Never rub itchy eyes. Rubbing your eyes can cause injury and can cause further irritation.

If you’re allergic to something in the environment, try to limit your exposure. Close your windows to keep out pollen and increase your cleaning regimen at home. Change your sheets often. Artificial tears can help as well.


Have Dry Eyes? Contact Your Eye Doctor

Some people get itchy eyes because of a condition called “dry eye.” Dry eye can be caused by medications and medical conditions. If you have severe dry eye, your eye doctor can help. See the eye doctor at Lappen Eye Care for an eye exam in the Pittsburgh area. Call today to make an appointment.

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