My Toddler Needs Glasses. How Can I Keep Them On Her Face?

Trying to get a toddler to wear glasses can sound challenging! What may surprise you is that many toddlers can be taught to keep glasses on their face, if you use the right strategies. If you have a toddler that needs to wear glasses in Pittsburgh area, here’s what we suggest.

Be Calm, Put them Back On

When your toddler takes their glasses off, don’t get angry. Your toddler is behaving naturally for their age, and getting angry could upset your child. If you’re angry often enough, this could create negative associations with their corrective lenses.

Be calm, smile, and put their glasses back on. If they refuse to keep the glasses on, either because of a fit or because they’re curious, leave their glasses off for a while. Try again later.

Put Glasses On – Then Distract Your Child Immediately

Put your toddler’s glasses on, then give them a favorite toy to play with. If you can distract your child with something they enjoy holding and looking at, they may not be tempted to remove their glasses. Eventually, they’ll forget they’re wearing anything on their face.

Stay Consistent

Have your child wear their glasses every day. The more frequently your toddler wears their glasses, the less interesting the glasses will be. Eventually, your child will no longer think about taking them off.

Want more suggestions for getting your child to wear their glasses? Call your child’s eye doctor in Pittsburgh. Ask questions next time you bring your toddler in for an appointment, or just talk to the eye doctor over the phone for tips and advice.

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