Afraid of Losing Your Glasses? What You Can Do

Your eyeglasses are too valuable to lose! Some people struggle to keep track of their glasses, but there are many things you can do to keep your glasses where you can find them. If you’ve just purchased eyeglasses in Pittsburgh area, then these tips can help you keep your glasses where you can find them.

Create a Place Where Your Glasses “Live”

If you always put your glasses in different places when you take your glasses off, this will make them harder to locate when you’re not wearing them. Put your glasses in the same one or two places every time you take them off. Knowing where you always put your glasses will help you find them later.

Buy a Brightly Colored Case

Glasses tend to blend into the background easily, especially when your glasses have thin wire rims. If you take off your glasses and set them down on a table or countertop, they might be hard to see. You can fix this problem by putting your glasses inside something large and brightly colored.

When you remove your glasses, put them in a large, vibrant case. This will make it easier for your glasses to stand out in the room where you set them down.

Wear Your Glasses As Often As Possible

Some people take off their glasses whenever they’re not using them, but the easiest way to avoid losing your glasses is to keep them on your face. Get in the habit of wearing your glasses as long as you’re awake.

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