4 Tips To Avoid Dry Eye This Fall

Dry eye can happen at any time, but many people experience it most in the fall and winter, when the air turns dry and cold. If you’re one of those people who suffers from dry eye in the latter part of the year, your eye doctor in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area can help you.

At Lappen Eye Care, we help patients manage their dry eye first by identifying the cause of the problem, and then by making recommendations based on the diagnosis. Sometimes, dry eye can be resolved by making simple changes like the ones below.

1. Humidify your environment at home.

A dry environment can contribute to dry eyes. Humidifying your environment at home, especially the rooms where you spend the most time, can help. Use a humidifier in your bedroom, living room, or in other parts of the house where you regularly spend time.

2. Protect your eyes from glare and wind.

Glare on snow and harsh cold wind can contribute to dry eye. Wear sunglasses, particularly the wrap around kind, to protect your eyes on days when it’s cold, windy, or snowy.

3. Use over the counter eye drops.

Use over the counter eye drops to moisturize your eyes and relieve some of the most uncomfortable effects of dry eye. Over the counter eye drops are sold in pharmacies, convenience stores and grocery stores. If over the counter eye drops don’t help, then you may need to see the eye doctor.

4. Talk to your eye doctor.

If making the above changes to your eyes aren’t helping with your dry eye, then you may need dry eye treatment in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. Talk to your eye doctor at Lappen Eye Care to find out what else can be done to fix your problem.

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