What’s a Contact Lens Exam?

Do you want contact lenses? The first step is to see the eye doctor in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area for a contact lens exam. If you’ve got corrective lenses, you know what to expect from a standard eye exam. Contact lens exams are different. Contact lens exams are a prerequisite to getting contacts. Here’s what you can expect when you come to the eye doctor.

What’s a contact lens exam?

A contact lens exam is a type of exam that an eye doctor performs to determine whether a patient is a good candidate for contact lenses. During a contact lens exam, the eye doctor will check the curve and diameter of your eyes, and will determine if your eyes produce enough tears to wear standard contacts. People who have dry eyes need a special type of lens.

How are contact lens exams different from standard eye exams?

During a standard eye exam, the focus of the exam is on determining how healthy your eyes are, and whether you need corrective lenses. During a contact lens exam, it’s been determined that you need corrective lenses, and the eye doctor is now trying to decide which type of contact lenses would be best for your eyes.

After the contact lens exam, what happens next?

Once you’ve had a contact lens exam, your eye doctor will order the type of lenses that will fit your eyes. If you would like specialty lenses (like colored contacts), talk to your eye doctor before the order is placed. Once the lenses are ready, you’ll come back to the eye doctor for a contact lens fitting. Your eye doctor will show you how to use your contacts and talk about maintaining your contacts.

Are you interested in wearing contact lenses? Call today to schedule your contact lens exam in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

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