What Causes Eye Twitches?

What Causes Eye Twitches?

Eye twitches are usually temporary annoyances that seem to come and go of their own volition. They may last for a few minutes or a day, but they rarely last beyond an entire day. They may also stop intermittently and then start up again. So what is it with eye twitches, and what causes them? Your eye doctor in Pittsburgh, PA, has some answers for you.


Stress is one of the leading causes of eye twitches. The twitch is a reaction to the release of stress hormones. All of this is beyond your control except how you handle stress. Learning some stress-relieving activities to keep those twitches from appearing is worth it.

Dry Eyes

Eye twitching is one of the symptoms of dry eyes. Note that twitching is not the only symptom, so if you have an eye twitch, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have dry eye syndrome. Only your eye doctor can diagnose that condition.

Nutritional Deficiency

Magnesium is a nutrient that helps to keep muscles from contracting. A lack of this nutrient can result in eye twitching. In fact, if you have an eye twitch that won’t cease, it’s worth trying a magnesium supplement or eating a food rich in magnesium to see if the twitch goes away.

Eye Strain

Eye strain is another common reason why an eye develops a twitch. In particular, extensive screen time can lead to twitching. This is because the eyes become fatigued from overuse, especially from staring at computers, phones, and other screens for extended periods of time.

Routine eye exams are helpful for ensuring eye health. Please contact Lappen Eyecare today to schedule your next eye exam in Pittsburgh, PA. For your convenience, we also have offices in Pittsburgh, McMurray, and Greensburg.

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