Should I Get Wire Rim Glasses or Plastic Glasses?

When the time comes to purchase glasses, you’ll be faced with a decision: should I select wire-rimmed glasses, or plastic glasses? The decision can be a tough one! There are many differences between these two types of glasses. Knowing those differences can help you make a smart decision when the time comes. Your eye doctor in the Pittsburgh area can help as well.

What to Know About Wire Rim Glasses

Compared to plastic glasses, wire rim glasses are lightweight and subtle. They often come in neutral colors like muted gold, brown and black. For an adult who wants to achieve a professional look from their glasses, wire rims are often the preferred style. Because wire rims are often lightweight, they’re sometimes easier to adjust to than plastic glasses.

What to Know About Plastic Glasses

Plastic glasses are often available in bold, vibrant colors, and have thicker, more obvious frames than wire rim glasses. Plastic glasses may not feel heavier than wire rim glasses when you’re holding them in your hand, but they can feel heavier when you’re wearing them. The period of adjustment to these glasses can take a few days.

How to Decide

When you’re shopping for glasses, look for a style that fits your personality and preferred aesthetic. Which colors do you wear the most? Do you want your glasses to stand out, or fall into the background?

Work with an associate at the eye doctor to find glasses that fit your preferred look and also your face. Glasses come in different sizes, and it’s important to find glasses that will be comfortable for years to come.

Need eyeglasses in the Pittsburgh area? Call Lappen Eye Care to make an appointment. We can provide you with an eye exam and help you choose a stylish pair of glasses.

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