I Have Cataracts. Will I Need Surgery?

Cataracts are a condition that affects many people, however, not everyone gets surgery for their cataracts. Your eye doctor in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area can help you decide if cataract surgery is right for you. By taking care of your eyes and getting regular eye exams, you may be able to avoid cataract surgery.

How Eye Doctors Usually Treat Cataracts

Most eye doctors avoid treating cataracts until the cataracts start to affect quality of life. Until that point, most eye doctors will recommend glasses to help sharpen their patient’s vision. When your cataracts start to impact your quality of life, then your eye doctor will recommend surgery.

Signs That You Need Cataract Surgery

Your eye doctor may recommend cataract surgery if you’re no longer able to do some of the things you previously could do. For example, if you’re no longer able to drive safely, either at night or during the day, your eye doctor may recommend cataract surgery. Your eye doctor may also recommend cataract surgery if you are no longer able to enjoy activities like reading or watching television.

To keep an eye on your cataracts, your eye doctor will recommend making regular appointments for eye exams. This way, your eye doctor can decide when it’s time to move forward with surgery or change your prescription to ensure that you’re able to see clearly.

Questions? Talk to Your Eye Doctor in Pittsburgh and the Surrounding Area

Have questions about cataracts? Talk to your eye doctor during your next eye exam in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. At Lappen Eye Care, we can help. Call today to make an appointment.

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