Do One-Day Contacts Cause Dry Eye?

Single-use contacts have been popular with many people for a number of reasons. Not only are they easier to care for, in that you don’t have to worry about cleaning or storing them, but they’re also supposed to be fresher for your eyes. However, because once-a-day contacts are made from a thinner material, they react differently to the eye throughout the day. If you’ve noticed that your eyes are a little drier after starting this regimen, or if you’re concerned about whether you’ll experience dry eyes by switching, we’ll look at what you can expect.

Thinner Material

Because daily contacts in Greensburg, PA, are only designed for single-use wear, they’re made from a thinner material. This means that they’re less breathable than lenses designed for longer wear, which can mean that more moisture is absorbed into the lens. The less moisture in your eye, the more likely you are to feel the sting of dry eye.

How to Prevent Dry Eyes

The most basic way to prevent dry eyes is to make sure that you’re following all the general instructions. This means wearing your contact lenses for the appropriate amount of time (e.g., no longer than a day) and using artificial tears if your eyes start to feel uncomfortable. However, if you’re still experiencing severe symptoms, it might be time for a different lens.

See an Optometrist in Pittsburgh

The right optometrist can help you determine which lens is going to keep you the most comfortable over the course of the day. Visiting the staff of Lappen Eye Care, with locations in Pittsburgh, Greensburg, and McMurray, we can make recommendations about which brands are known to give people with dry eye the most relief, whether that’s a daily contact or not.

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