Caring For Contact Lenses in Summer

Summer brings on unique challenges for contact wearers. Keep the following tips in mind to care for your Pittsburgh, PA contact lenses this summer season.

Swimming With Contact Lenses

Swimming with contact lenses is never a good idea. If you’re swimming in a pool, the chlorine will damage the lenses. If you’re swimming in a lake, you risk bacterial infections. Remember, contact lenses are porous; they absorb chemicals and whatever else they’re exposed to.

Your options include wearing once-daily disposable lenses. If you throw away your c

ontact lenses after wearing them to swim, you can avoid infection. The best option is to invest in prescription swim goggles. This way, you can enjoy vision clarity while swimming without the hassles of worrying about eye infection and damage to contact lenses.


In summer, you’re more likely to become dehydrated due to activity and sweating. Make sure you keep contact lenses moist during wear by drinking sufficient water. Allowing contact lenses to dry out causes damage to them and to your eyes. Keep a bottle of contact lens rewetting solution—not eye drops—on your person so you can apply as needed to ensure personal comfort and adequate moisture for the lenses.


Another concern with caring for contact lenses in summer is hygiene. In summer, your hands are more likely to be sweaty or dirty from engaging in common summertime activities like sports, gardening, etc. It’s important to be extra cautious about making sure your hands are washed and sanitized before handling contact lenses. You should also never reuse contact lens solution, but this is especially important in summer, when contact cleaning solution sitting out in the open can more easily pick up microorganisms from the surrounding air.

When you’re ready for a new pair of contact lenses or you need to have your contact lens prescription updated, contact your friendly Pittsburgh, PA optometrist for an appointment.

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