3 Ways to Get Used to Your Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are popular among bifocal wearers because they eliminate the line between the two types of lenses. This makes progressive lenses attractive. Getting used to progressive lenses can take time, but when you’re working with a reputable eye doctor in Pittsburgh, Greensburg, and the surrounding area, your eye doctor can help with this. Here’s what you can do to get used to your new progressive lenses.

1. Wear them as often as possible unless you get a headache.

Switching back and forth between your progressive lenses and your old eyeglasses can draw out the time it takes to get used to your progressive lenses. Wearing your glasses as often as possible will help you get used to your glasses faster. If you get a headache, remove your new glasses to give your eyes a break. Otherwise, keep wearing them. If you get frequent headaches with your new glasses, report this to your eye doctor.

2. Move your head to look at distances, not your eyes.

If you need to look at an object in the distance, it may be tempting to move your eyes in your glasses. Instead, keep your eyes pointed straight ahead. Get used to moving your head when looking at objects in the distance. Move your eyes when you need to read, then you can look down through the lens.

3. Have your glasses fitted by a professional.

When you get your new eyeglasses in Pittsburgh, Greensburg and the surrounding area, have your glasses fitted by your eye doctor to ensure that they fit properly. Your glasses should feel comfortable while you wear them. If your glasses push down on your ears or nose in a way that isn’t comfortable, give yourself a few days to get used to them. If they continue to hurt, ask your eye doctor to readjust them.

Want more suggestions about how you can get used to your new glasses? Call the professionals at Lappen Eye Care.

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