The Dangers of Ignoring Your Dry Eyes

The Dangers of Ignoring Your Dry Eyes

Blurry eyes are a relatively common condition that most people experience when they’re tired or after staring at a screen for too long. When you become accustomed to it, though, it becomes easier to ignore. If dry eyes cause the blur, this could be more dangerous than you think. We’ll look at why it’s so important to visit a doctor if you have symptoms.

Chronic Dry Eyes

Chronic dry eyes in Pittsburgh, PA, are a condition that occurs when your eyes don’t produce enough tears or your eyes don’t produce the right type of tears. Because the lubrication comes from both water and oil, you can still experience dry eyes even if your eyes water on a regular basis.

Dangers of Dry Eye

Dry eyes are by no means life-threatening and, on the list of possible medical problems, would rank relatively low on the list. However, if you’re not addressing dry eyes, it can lead to damage to the eye tissues. This is because, over time, the lack of tears can lead to a breakdown of the protective cells of the eye. If your eyes are extremely dry on a regular basis, it can even lead to a cornea scratch. The best way to treat dry eye is to find an optometrist in Pittsburgh, PA, with enough experience to find a long-term solution.

Eye Doctors in McMurray, PA

Lappen Eye Care, with locations in McMurray, Pittsburgh, and Greensburg, PA, has optometrists who can tell you more about how to treat your dry eyes. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to see because the sting in your eyes is so strong, it’s important not to wait. Making an appointment with us can help you learn more about what’s causing dry eyes so you can move ahead.

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