3 Ways Inadequate Contact Lens Care Can Harm Your Visual Health

Without question, contact lenses in Pittsburgh, PA are valuable to those that need vision correction. Additionally, with the proper care, these lenses rarely pose problems for the wearer. When you initially obtain contact lenses, the eye doctor will discuss proper wear and cleaning methods so that you can avoid problems. However, if you don’t adhere to the guidance, you could inadvertently put your visual health at risk. Consider a few reasons why inadequate contact lens care could harm your vision.

1. You Could Experience an Eye Infection

Contact lens wearers can be more at risk of eye infections because they are consistently putting foreign objects on their eyes. Something as seemingly harmless as not washing your hands during lens changes or wearing lenses while in the shower can allow bacteria to get trapped behind the lens. This can lead to a serious infection that puts your vision at risk if not addressed.

2. You Could Develop Issus with Dry Eyes

Dry eyes may not sound like a big deal, but having dry eyes can cause uncomfortable, burning eyes. Further, it can make it difficult to continue to wear contact lenses. People who do not change or clean their lenses often enough can be at risk of dry eyes because irritants get trapped behind the lenses and cause a reaction.

3. You Could Cause a Corneal Injury

If you have contact lenses that are damaged or overdue for replacement, avoid placing them in your eyes. Damaged lenses can put you at risk of sustaining a corneal abrasion, such as a scratch or puncture. Pay careful attention to the lenses and their condition. And, if you are advised to only wear lenses for so many days, be sure to adhere to those guidelines.

Talk to a Pittsburgh Eye Doctor for Help with Your Contact Lenses

Do you struggle with the contact lenses you currently have? It may be time for a change with the help of a Pittsburgh eye doctor. Reach out to Lappen Eye Care to schedule an appointment.

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