Medical Eye Care

Medical Eye Care Pittsburgh, PA

In addition to helping you maintain your best vision, regular eye exams are a valuable tool for medical eye care and in the early detection of many chronic systemic diseases. The doctors at Lappen Eye Care are experts in the therapeutic treatment of eye diseases and disorders such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes and cataracts.

Eye Exams and Systemic Diseases

Because of a few very unique characteristics of the eye, a trip to the optometrist’s office for a basic exam can expose the first signs of many diseases that affect multiple organs or even the entire body. Everything from diabetes to hypertension to rheumatoid arthritis can cause symptoms that affect eye health, and sometimes these symptoms show themselves years before a disorder can be easily detected by other routine health tests.

Symptoms of high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and more often show up in an eye exam years before they are detected by other healthcare providers. And just like many ocular disorders, early detection is often to key to successful management of chronic or progressive diseases and disorders.

High Definition Diagnostic Equipment

At Lappen Eye Care, our offices are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment to provide our doctors with the most accurate data with which to evaluate your health and medical eye care needs. Next-generation devices such as Retina photos and the Optovue Optical Coherence Tomographer offer unprecedented views and evaluations of all parts of the eye, through tests that are quick, painless and non-evasive.

The safety and health of our community is a top priority.

Our offices are OPEN for routine vision care (eyeglasses and contact lenses) and ocular emergency services. However, we would like to let patients and their families know that we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation and daily developments. We are relying on information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Healthcare Professional Offices regarding Coronavirus.

We are encouraging sick patients to call ahead and reschedule appointments if they have any symptoms of respiratory illness, cough, or fever.  As an added precaution the following procedures will take effect immediately and continue until the foreseeable future:

    • In line with social distancing guidance, we are reducing the number of available appointments in our offices.
    • We are encouraging that only the patient and up to one family member be present for visits.
    • We will immediately bring patients back to exam rooms to limit congregation in the waiting room.
    • We encourage shipping all contact lenses directly to your home (in most cases for an annual supply of lenses, this is at NO extra charge).
    • Curbside pick-up available upon request – call from our parking lot.
    • As always, Drs. Lappen are available for telephone consultations if needed.

    • Please call our office if you have an urgent/emergent eye need. We will be able to provide you with specific appointment times.
Precautions and safety measures are taken every day to ensure the health of our patients and staff. This will continue to be a top priority at our practices.

Please do not hesitate to call our office if you have any further questions.
Drs. Lappen and Staff