Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses Pittsburgh, PA

Our doctors at Lappen Eye Care are also contact lens specialists, trained to find the right contact lenses for even the most difficult-to-fit contact lens wearer. We conduct the most in-depth contact lens examinations and evaluations in the industry, and we have experience working with the new generation of contact lens options.

Contact Lens Examinations

In order to fit you with the proper contact lenses, we must gather information above and beyond what we learn from a routine eye examination. This includes special tests such as corneal topography, tear film evaluation and wavefront measurements to determine the exact curvature of the front of your eye and see if you have any eye health issues that need to be considered during the contact lens fitting.

Choosing The Right Contact Lenses

Multifocal, daily use and specialty contact lenses such as the Synergeyes family of lenses offer many new choices for those patients who could not or would not wear contact lenses in the past. Astigmatism, chronic dry eye, refractive surgery or corneal trauma no longer prevent patients from choosing contact lenses as the primary mode of vision correction. Advances in material technology and design have increased the effectiveness, comfort and convenience of contact lenses. Even if you have been unsuccessful in the past, the doctors at Lappen Eye Care will take the time and have the expertise to find a contact lens solution for you. There are many options, and we can find the choice that fits your vision needs and lifestyle. Contact us today to schedule an eye exam and contact lens fitting.

Specialty and Custom Contacts for the Difficult and Unique Cornea

(Keratoconus, Dry Eye, Surgical Complications, etc)

The safety and health of our community is a top priority.

Our offices are OPEN for routine vision care (eyeglasses and contact lenses) and ocular emergency services. However, we would like to let patients and their families know that we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation and daily developments. We are relying on information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Healthcare Professional Offices regarding Coronavirus.

We are encouraging sick patients to call ahead and reschedule appointments if they have any symptoms of respiratory illness, cough, or fever.  As an added precaution the following procedures will take effect immediately and continue until the foreseeable future:

    • In line with social distancing guidance, we are reducing the number of available appointments in our offices.
    • We are encouraging that only the patient and up to one family member be present for visits.
    • We will immediately bring patients back to exam rooms to limit congregation in the waiting room.
    • We encourage shipping all contact lenses directly to your home (in most cases for an annual supply of lenses, this is at NO extra charge).
    • Curbside pick-up available upon request – call from our parking lot.
    • As always, Drs. Lappen are available for telephone consultations if needed.

    • Please call our office if you have an urgent/emergent eye need. We will be able to provide you with specific appointment times.
Precautions and safety measures are taken every day to ensure the health of our patients and staff. This will continue to be a top priority at our practices.

Please do not hesitate to call our office if you have any further questions.
Drs. Lappen and Staff