2 Types of Eye Emergencies

Are you have an eye emergency? Do you need to see the eye doctor in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area? Do you know when it’s an eye emergency? Knowing when to get help for an eye injury is important. Below, we’ve discussed two common types of eye injuries and emergencies, so you’ll know when to see an eye doctor.

1. Scratch on the Eye

A scratch on the eye can be painful and problematic, depending on how badly the eye is scratched. If you have a scratch on your eye, get a clean cold compress and rest it gently on the eye, but don’t apply pressure. This will help reduce swelling, and if there is bleeding, this will help stop that.

If the blood is pooling in the eye, cover both eyes with a sterile dressing and get help from an eye doctor as soon as possible.

2. Foreign Object in the Eye

It’s not uncommon to get a foreign object in the eye. Dust and sand in particular can easily become lodged in the eye. To get the foreign object out of your eye, start by flushing the eye with cool, clean water. Wash her hands before doing this. If flushing the eye doesn’t work, get help from an eye doctor. You should also seek help from a doctor if you have persistent pain, redness or sensitivity to light.

Need help from an eye doctor? Call Lappen Eye Care

If you’re having an eye-related emergency services in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area, contact Lappen Eye Care. We offer emergency services for the eyes, so our patients will know when it’s time to seek help.

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